Sacramento, California Drone Light Shows

3 Eye Media is renowned for its expertise in orchestrating spectacular drone shows throughout the Sacramento Area. Our extensive experience includes numerous events across various venues in and around Sacramento. As the preferred choice for drone shows in the Sacramento vicinity, we bring an abundance of practical knowledge and skills essential for executing flawless drone displays. Our team at 3 Eye Media is eager to collaborate with you and bring your vision for a remarkable drone show to life.

‘Exploring the Enchanting City of Sacramento through the Lens of a Drone’


Welcome to 3 Eye Media, your gateway to experiencing Sacramento from a whole new vantage point – the sky.


Where History Meets Majesty: The Capitol Building’s Aerial Dance

Behold the grandeur of the California State Capitol as it stands majestically amidst verdant landscapes. Our drones gracefully soar, capturing the intricate details of its neoclassical architecture and sprawling grounds. Let us paint a cinematic portrait of Sacramento’s political epicenter against the backdrop of the bustling cityscape.


Rediscovering Old Sacramento: A Timeless Tale Unveiled

Step into the past as our drones lead you through the cobblestone streets and historic facades of Old Sacramento. From the iconic Delta King riverboat to the lively boardwalks brimming with quaint boutiques and eateries, immerse yourself in the nostalgia of California’s Gold Rush era as never before. Our aerial cinematography unveils the hidden treasures and vibrant spirit of this cherished district, offering a glimpse into Sacramento’s rich tapestry of history.


Nature’s Symphony: From Riverfront Serenity to Mountain Majesty

Beyond the city limits, Sacramento boasts breathtaking natural beauty waiting to be discovered. Our drones glide over the winding waters of the Sacramento River, unveiling the serene allure of its banks and surrounding wetlands. Venture further, and you’ll be greeted by the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, their snow-capped peaks standing in stark contrast to the valley below. Whether it’s a tranquil sunset over the river or the rugged allure of the wilderness, 3 Eye Media captures Sacramento’s natural splendor from every angle.


Innovation Takes Flight: Pushing the Boundaries of Aerial Artistry

As Sacramento embraces its past and looks to the future, 3 Eye Media stands at the forefront of innovation and creativity. Our skilled team of pilots and technicians tirelessly push the boundaries of aerial entertainment and cinematography. From captivating drone shows to immersive experiences, we bring Sacramento’s beauty to life in ways you’ve never imagined.


In conclusion, Sacramento is more than just a city – it’s a living, breathing canvas of history, culture, and natural wonder. With 3 Eye Media as your guide, let us take you on an unforgettable journey through the skies of Sacramento. Whether you’re marveling at architectural marvels, immersing yourself in history, or simply reveling in the beauty of nature, let us elevate your perspective and unveil the true essence of Sacramento.

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