New Orleans, Louisiana Drone Light Shows

3 Eye Media is renowned for its expertise in orchestrating spectacular drone shows throughout the New Orleans Area. Our extensive experience includes numerous events across various venues in and around New Orleans. As the preferred choice for drone shows in the New Orleans vicinity, we bring an abundance of practical knowledge and skills essential for executing flawless drone displays. Our team at 3 Eye Media is eager to collaborate with you and bring your vision for a remarkable drone show to life.

‘Exploring the Enchanting City of New Orleans through the Lens of a Drone’


New Orleans, Louisiana, a city steeped in history and alive with culture, is a captivating gem nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River. At 3 Eye Media, we invite you to experience the enchantment of the Crescent City through our innovative drone technology.

The Magnificent French Quarter: An Aerial Symphony of Architecture and Heritage

The heart of New Orleans beats within the iconic French Quarter, where centuries-old buildings and lively streets tell tales of a storied past. Our drones take flight, gracefully capturing the intricate ironwork of balconies, the vibrant hues of Creole cottages, and the timeless allure of historic landmarks like Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral. From above, the French Quarter unfolds like a living canvas, showcasing the city’s rich architectural heritage in all its glory.

Exploring the Soulful Rhythms of Jazz: A Bird’s-Eye View of Musical Magic

New Orleans is synonymous with jazz, a musical tradition that pulses through its streets and resonates in its soul. With our drones, we soar above iconic jazz clubs like Preservation Hall and Snug Harbor, capturing the electrifying energy of live performances and the rhythmic sway of second-line parades. From the vantage point of the sky, the city’s musical heartbeat is palpable, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the sounds of saxophones, trumpets, and trombones that define the New Orleans sound.

Celebrating Cultural Traditions: Festivals, Mardi Gras, and More

New Orleans is a city that knows how to celebrate, with a calendar full of festivals, parades, and cultural events that bring people together in joyous revelry. From the flamboyant costumes of Mardi Gras to the soul-stirring rhythms of Congo Square, our drones capture the essence of these vibrant traditions from a unique perspective. As they dance across the sky, our drones offer a bird’s-eye view of the city’s spirited celebrations, inviting viewers to join in the festivities and experience the magic of New Orleans.

In conclusion, New Orleans is a city like no other, where history, culture, and creativity converge to create a tapestry of sights, sounds, and flavors. At 3 Eye Media, we are proud to showcase the beauty and diversity of the Crescent City through our captivating drone shows. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or a first-time visitor, we invite you to soar with us and discover the wonders of New Orleans from above.

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