Nashville, Tennessee Drone Light Shows

3 Eye Media is renowned for its expertise in orchestrating spectacular drone shows throughout the Nashville Area. Our extensive experience includes numerous events across various venues in and around Nashville. As the preferred choice for drone shows in the Nashville vicinity, we bring an abundance of practical knowledge and skills essential for executing flawless drone displays. Our team at 3 Eye Media is eager to collaborate with you and bring your vision for a remarkable drone show to life.

‘Exploring the Enchanting City of Nashville through the Lens of a Drone’


Nashville, Tennessee, a city renowned for its musical heritage and vibrant cultural scene, is a captivating blend of history and modernity. At 3 Eye Media, we are dedicated to showcasing the enchanting allure of Nashville through our mesmerizing drone shows.


A Symphony of Sounds: Music City’s Pulse

Nashville’s reputation as “Music City” is on full display as our drones sweep over iconic venues like the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium. These aerial views capture the essence of Nashville’s musical legacy, where country tunes and soulful melodies resonate through the city streets. Whether it’s the neon lights of Broadway or the quiet charm of Music Row, our drone shows immerse viewers in the rhythmic heartbeat of Nashville’s music scene.


Historic Roots, Modern Flourish: Downtown Nashville

Downtown Nashville is a vibrant blend of historic architecture and contemporary development. Our drones glide over landmarks like the Tennessee State Capitol and the historic Printers Alley, offering a glimpse into Nashville’s storied past. With sweeping aerial views of the bustling streets and modern skyscrapers, we showcase the city’s evolution into a thriving urban center while preserving its rich history.


Nature’s Serenade: Parks and Green Spaces

Nashville is not just a city of music; it is also a city of natural beauty. Our drones soar over lush green spaces like Centennial Park and Shelby Bottoms Greenway, capturing the tranquility and serenity of Nashville’s natural landscapes. Whether it’s the rolling hills or the meandering rivers, our aerial displays invite viewers to experience the peaceful side of Music City, offering a moment of escape from the urban bustle.



Nashville, Tennessee, seen through our drones, is a city of harmonious contrasts, where the past harmonizes with the present, and nature coexists with urban life. Our drone shows aim to capture the spirit of Nashville, offering viewers a melodic journey through the heart of this iconic city. Whether it’s the music, the history, or the natural beauty, Nashville is a city that resonates with all who experience it, and our drone shows provide a unique perspective that celebrates its diverse allure.

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